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Message from President

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Thank you for accessing the homepage of incorporated company Medical Ikkou Group Co., Ltd.

Our company group will increase its value through the provision of good medical treatment and nursing service which are indispensable to a better quality of life.

In our core pharmaceutical enterprise, Medical Ikkou Group is opening 94 special pharmacies (as of January 1st, 2023) in a central part area, Kansai, and the Hokuriku area centering on Mie Prefecture. The pharmacy in Yamanashi was in 2007, and the pharmacy in Kanagawa was in 2005 ware transformed into owned subsidiaries, and expansion of the pharmacy network in the Kanto bloc was also advanced.
The environment of the pharmaceutical industry has seen a big turning point by maturation of the market by promotion of separation of pharmacy and clinic, and a institutional reform aimed at medical cost containment. Such influence has developed into consolidation of the entire industry which is considered by the major companies as an initiative, so Medical Ikkou Group aims at the establishment of a stable status taking advantage of economy of scale.

In the medicine wholesale business, we sell medical institutions the generic drugs as a distributing agent of the major generic manufacturers. The government aims to 2020, advance a plan to improve the use ratio of generics in medicine prescription by up to 80%. So there is a golden opportunity to generic drug manufacturers and distributing agents to expand. We are advancing as a stable and efficient selling organization construction corresponding to expansion of demand under this environment.
Moreover, in a pharmacy, a pharmacist's occupation is further expanded by a change of a prescription style again when it is aimed at the promotion of the use of generic drugs. Expansion of a generic market recognizes us to be elements important for the pharmacy and medicine wholesale enterprises of our company, and we strengthen organization through demonstrating a synergistic effect.

In the nursing business, our company is progressing in paid-for nursing home where demand rises through the rise of an aging problem. We are managing two institutions from 2007 in Shimane, and is managing paid-for nursing home . A general hospital, a medical mall, and a pharmacy are near this, and this institution becoming highly valued by providing high quality care for all elderly people. We want to develop the creation of a range of the medical treatment and the nursing facilities as a business model.

We strive for the enterprise deployment which specialized in medical treatment and care and continue sustainable development and growths. Thank you for your attention and support.

Representative director president
Toshihisa Minamino

Lecture Career

The lecture that Representative Director performed
January 2020 Lecturer of 1st insurance pharmacy support Exhibition Seminar
February 2019 Lecturer of Meeting to think about division of labor Seminar
November 2018 Lecturer of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association Seminar
June 2018 Lecturer of Japan Business Consortium Seminar
June 2018 Lecturer of "Health care Sales Engineer Seminar" by Kae Management,Inc.
October 2017 Lecturer of "The 9th Special Project Seminar" by Nextit Research Institute,Inc.
February 2017 Lecturer of President Seminer at the Mie University
August 2016 Lecturer of Seiwakai Seminar
November 2015 Elderly Housing Fair 2015 in Osaka
March 2009 Lecturer of IR Seminer in Osaka
Jury 2008 Lecturer of IR Seminer in Nagoya 2008
September 2007 Lecturer of Comprehensive lecture at the Nagoya University of Commerce & Business.
August 2005 Lecturer of Medical sectional meeting at the Japan Junior Chamber, Inc.
February 2005 Lecture at the JAIC President Club.
October 2003 Lecturer of Comprehensive lecture at the Nagoya University of Commerce & Business.

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