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Disclosure Policy

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Standard of information disclosure

Medical Ikkou Group discloses in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and rules on timely disclosure defined by Securities Dealers Association of Japan. Moreover, Medical Ikkou Group will keep on disclosing effective information positively and impartially for investors to understand our company.

The method of information disclosure

The information applicable to an indication rule is released with "the timely indication information system (TDnet)" .Furthermore, Medical Ikkou Group aims at the Immediacy and fairness by information disclosure on the website etc.In addition, about posting on the website, the posting time of these information may be overdue on account of preparation of a PDF file or other tools.

Silence period

To prevent information about the financial results from leaking, and to secure fairness, Medical Ikkou Group sets the period from the next day of the financial results announcement day to the settling day as "Silent Periods".Medical Ikkou Group withholds the reply to the comment and question relevant to settlement of accounts in this period.However, Medical Ikkou Group supposes that it will announce officially suitably according to an indication rule timely when the difference between the performance anticipation that turns out for the silence period and the announced performance forecast already corresponds to indication at the right time.


In information retrieval, Please refer to not only this Disclosure policy but also Qualification separately posted on this Web site.

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